USF Magazine Fall 2012

Volume 54 | Number 3



Drink Up

| USF Health

That daily dose of java may just pack an extra perk.

A recent study monitoring the memory and thinking processes of adults between the ages of 65 and 88 found that those with higher blood caffeine levels avoided the onset of Alzheimer's disease in the two-to-four years of study follow-up.

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Pipeline to Prison?

| USF News

Do zero tolerance school policies go too far?

Perhaps, for certain groups of students, according to USF graduate student Eric S. Hall and assistant professor Zorka Karanxha.

In a recently published article, the researchers provide a critical examination of how zero tolerance policies are applied and what happens to the young people who all-too-often find themselves victimized by the policies.

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World Ranking

USF ranks 10th worldwide among all universities granted U.S. patents in 2011. Last year alone, USF was issued 86 patents, an increase of more than 3 percent from 2010. The annual ranking is compiled by the Intellectual Property Owners Association.