USF Magazine Fall 2013

Volume 55 | Number 3

Cover Story

Changing Student Lives

USF System President Judy Genshaft stands in front of students, who are jumping in the background.

With more than $621 million raised, including more than $79 million for student scholarships, the first phase of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign came to a successful conclusion at the end of June.

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High Note

Music student performs at Kennedy Center.

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Exploring Their Future

Pre-College summer programs inspire high school students.

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Cycling for Vets

Student bikes cross-country for vets.

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Learning from the Bay

Thomas Unnasch sees progress in fight to end river blindness.

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Life on Earth

Astrobiologist explains how phosphorous came to Earth.

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Pushing Their Limits

Study evaluates prosthetics for military amputees.

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World Classroom

Interns seek sustainable solutions in Malawi.

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