USF Magazine Fall 2013

Volume 55 | Number 3



Piano Memories

| USF News

Lilli Guttman is learning to play the piano.

Every day for 10 days, the retired school teacher from New York spends 3 1/2 hours at USF learning basic piano technique, finger dexterity exercises, scales and arpeggios, music theory and standard piano repertoire.

Guttman is part of a USF research study investigating the effects of intense piano instruction on cognitive performance in adults and children.

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Iconic Sandwich

| USF News

While there have been many contributions from immigrants to Tampa’s restaurants, Andy Huse, assistant librarian in Special Collections, admits the Cuban sandwich is the most recognized in the city.

The sandwich is so intertwined with Tampa’s rich history that it was crowned the signature sandwich of the city of Tampa by the Tampa City Council last year.

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Virtual Campus

| USF News

Using 3-D laser scanners, global positioning systems, geographical information systems and high-tech computer software, scientists at USF are working with graduate and local high school students to create a virtual campus.

“The idea is to give them sort of a living classroom,” says Lori Collins, who along with Travis Doering, directs the university’s Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST). “This is going to make USF one of the smartest campuses.”

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