USF Magazine Fall 2012

Volume 54 | Number 3


Weather Watch

| USF News

Wondering about the current weather conditions at USF?


A new weather station at the USF Botanical Gardens offers faculty, staff, students and visitors a snapshot of current weather conditions on the Tampa campus. The new weather station is a collaboration between USF News, the Botanical Gardens and Jennifer Collins, associate professor of geography, environmental science and policy, whose research focuses on weather and climate.

There's even a weather bug that provides the current temperature reading at the top of the home page. More comprehensive data, including a live webcam, current conditions, a five-day forecast, radar, historical weather data, and resources for hurricane preparedness, are available on the USF Weather Center page.

Data collected at the gardens is shared with the National Weather Service.

"The weather data is important not only for research and helping people in the community," Collins says, "but the data — as well as the equipment — is a very important teaching tool for me."

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