USF Magazine Fall 2012

Volume 54 | Number 3


Global Conversations

| USF News

They talk about the global economy. About research that will change people's lives. About emerging trends and world politics and influencing policies.

During the past year, USF has played host to an impressive list of thought leaders, entrepreneurs and people who are making a difference. The conversations curating here are benefiting students, faculty, researchers and the public.

"These are all people who are players in the world," says Karen A. Holbrook, senior vice president for global affairs and international research. "Global is the context for everything we are doing at USF. We need to make sure it's embedded in everything we do."

USF has more than 200 signed agreements to partner in academic programs and research with other colleges, universities and institutions in more than 60 countries across the globe. There is a constant flow on campus of visitors and delegations meeting with counterparts at USF, attending events or spending time with students to share knowledge and culture.

USF World recently launched the Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies, headed by Mohsen Milani, an internationally-recognized expert on the Middle East. The center will focus on researching critical international issues and formulating policy for those issues. When Holbrook took the reins at USF World in 2010, she envisioned a world of global connections and collaboration between USF students, faculty and researchers with counterparts in other countries; an entity that would be critical to exploring and solving some of the world's complex problems through research and international relationships.

"We have a lot of good connections," Holbrook says. "They grow out of relationships that faculty have developed, that the colleges have developed."

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